This just in:
A herd of cows have just taken up residence in the field adjacent to our ceremony site. There is only sparse rock wall and barbed wire between us and them. We’d like to discourage dogs as guests, so we can ensure the cows (and dogs) safety. It seems my inability to say no clearly has already led to seven dogs thinking they will be the only exception, and since I don’t want any of my guests to feel unfairly excluded or targeted, I’ll forego the social niceties and say outright: Dogs are not welcome to our wedding. I’m so sorry if this effects your plans to attend or stay, but it will make me much more comfortable on my big day. Thank you for respecting us and our expected 250 guests. Consider this highly recommended kennel in Lebanon, NH.

Do you have a deck-tennis net in the trunk of your car? Corn-hole decks in your mudroom? An unlimited supply of wiffle balls? Please bring your lawn games to share, we imagine there will be time both before and after the ceremony to enjoy some friendly sporting.

Weather permitting we plan to hold our ceremony on the hill beside our home. There will be limited seating, but we don’t expect to get too chatty. Dinner and dancing will be under the big top. There will be a dance-floor, but otherwise it’s all grassy pasture underfoot.

We’ll be parking folks on our upper fields. Carpooling is encouraged if possible. We also hope many of you will arrive early to enjoy the lawn-games, alleviating a parking jam around ceremony time.

We have had a wonderful life together for many years, and have many of the things a couple might accumulate over a decade of cooking, washing, building and crafting. What we’d most love is a copy of your favorite book to put in the shelves Keith will build, or a print of your favorite painting to hang on the walls after we repaint, or a precious family photo to sit on a newly stained sill. We’d love to fill our new home with what is meaningful to the people who have meant so much to us along our way.

That being said, some wise old birds have encouraged us to do this, and all the things on that list will certainly become part of the new memories we create as The Minnuccis of Kelsey Mountain.